We won Best Comedy, and Best Art Direction.


It’s a 24 hour film making competition, and editing is expressly forbidden. So, it’s several steps shy of perfect. And, by the end of it, we were all very abundantly ready for some sleep, so it’s a few additional steps shy of perfect. But, we were only one of two teams to win multiple awards.

Yes, that’s a man in a luchador mask and a suit popping bubble wrap on the bed of an erotic webcam girl who sprays silly string on herself while hypnotising her audience with a cursed pizza. Conceptually, that’s perhaps my favorite shot. No, I didn’t come up with it, but I heartily approved. I was a zombie, and I wound up lighting most of the movie, and helping with miscellanous bits and bobs that needed to be done. I was supposed to be just an extra, but I am a fantastically shitty extra. So, I got bored and started doing more. That’s just how I roll…